AW: [mythtv-users] Archiving Shows to DVD

James Armstrong james at
Fri Aug 12 13:16:51 UTC 2005

> This version uses projectx for remux and commercial cutting. Cutting is
> NOT frame accurate, projectx rounds to the nearest GOP. Avidemux2 (which
> was used for cutting previosuly) doesn't round - it just produces broken
> output files if your cutpoints aren't on a Keyframe.
> Requirements: 
> - projectx (well, obviously ) 
> - Xvfb or local X server 
> See for
> details.
> Changes implemented:
> - support for multiple audio streams. Commerical cut or remux will keep
> around all audio streams from the original recording. If you've got
> recordings with multiple audio streams (say, german and english streams)
> you'll get a DVD that allows you to switch languages. I haven't yet
> figured out how to find out which stream has which langauge and get this
> info over to the DVD, so the audio streams won't have nice names.
> - chapter submenu is optional and configurable via the web interface.
> while I like having the chapter marks in my titels I don't like the
> chapter submenu. 
> - blue face / upside down thumbnails configurable via variables at the
> top of 
> - add a title listbox to the "burn DVD" webpage similar to the listbox
> in "recorded programs". makes it much easier to pick a couple of
> episodes from the same series. 
> - if commercial cutting is disabled, revert to old behaviour and use
> cutpoints as chapter marks 

I have been using this version with the patch successfully. The one 
feature that would be nice is to look at the total time of the selected 
shows and if > DVD length (4gig?) transcode them using a different 
bitrate to make the shows fit on one DVD. This wouldn't normally be used 
for just putting one 2hour show on a DVD, but I have a bunch of 30 
minute shows I would like to put on a DVD for storage and don't care if 
the quality is reduced some to make them fit. Kind of like what 
DVDShrink does, but done as the videos are being processed with remplex 
instead of after the DVD has been authored. There are some formula's on 
the web for calculating the bitrate to make them fit on one disk, but 
I'm not sure if ProjectX can be used to reduce the bitrate or if it will 
take another step somewhere.


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