[mythtv-users] after switch to svn version X server freezes when playing Live TV

pschormeir at iiv.de pschormeir at iiv.de
Thu Aug 11 22:16:57 UTC 2005

Hi !

I've a problem here.
I'm using gentoo kernel 2.6.12 and was using mythtv-0.18 ebuild until a few
days ago. Then I decided to uninstall mythtv-0.18 and install svn version
with gentoo mythtv-svn ebuild.
Compling went through without an error. When I start mythfrontend, I can use
mplayer for watching videos, but as soon as I'm starting Live TV, the screen
stays black and the machine (seems to be X-Server) is freezing within 5
secs. There is no chance to get on the machine by ssh afterwards. The only
thing that helps is a hard reset of the machine.

I've done a lot of "googling" and research here in the mailing list, but
didn't find a solution.

Can anybody here give me a hint how I can avoid to do a fresh install of
gentoo as this takes min 24 hrs.

Some more details :
I'm using an extra backend (svn version is working like a charm, both
backend and frontend)
Frontend is a Laptop P4-2GHz, Intel Chipset , Radeon 7500 Mobility Graphic
Card (freezing in Live TV)



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