[mythtv-users] is this possible (multiple tuners and sources)

Donald Oakes donald at oakesville.com
Thu Aug 11 04:17:21 UTC 2005


I'm doing the same thing with an HD3000 and Firewire.  For channels that 
overlap both sources (and therefore both capture cards) Myth seems to 
always want to record on whichever tuner you added first.  Sounds like 
you want to add your PVR-150 first so that overlapping channels would 
get recorded on it preferentially.

By the way, in my setup I can't watch live TV on any of the channels on 
the second tuner.  When I try to change channels to one of them my 
backend doesn't budge, as if it's an invalid channel.  Have you gotten 
this to work?

 - Don

Dylan Keon wrote:

> I have a working MythTV system (FC3, ATRPMS) with two PVR-250s.  I 
> added a PVR-150 tonight, upgraded to the latest kernel and ivtv 
> 0.3.6w, and I can get video via the PVR-150 (no sound, though).  My 
> goal is to have the two PVR-250s record analog cable (already 
> working), and the PVR-150 record OTA broadcast signals via my rooftop 
> antenna since the reception of local channels stinks on our analog cable.
> I set up a new video source called "antenna" and configured a new 
> "local broadcast" channel listing for my area at zap2it.  However, 
> it's not clear to me how this will get handled in the EPG.  For 
> example, channel 7 on analog cable is Discovery, while channel 7 on 
> broadcast is PBS. After running mythfilldatabase these both appear in 
> the EPG, but where channels are the same (i.e., channel 9 is the same 
> station on both cable and OTA), there is only one entry in the EPG.
> I want local channels to be recorded on the PVR-150 by default, using 
> the local broadcast channel listing unless there is a conflict, in 
> which case they would get recorded on one of the PVR-250s.  Cable-only 
> channels would always get recorded on the PVR-250s.  Is all of this 
> (or any of this) possible?  I could just delete the duplicate 
> broadcast channels from the cable lineup, but then that would 
> eliminate the possibility of using the cable as a backup to resolve 
> conflicts.
> Thanks,
> Dylan
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