[mythtv-users] Anyone using YPbPr on Commell 667T ?

David George david at thegeorges.us
Wed Aug 10 16:57:32 UTC 2005

Jonathan Harding wrote:

> I am wondering how stable this is and how well it works?  How are you 
> recoring HD?  I am looking at making an all-in-one based on this 
> board, Firewire for HD input and a pvr-150 for SD input.  I would like 
> to as stated in the subject, use the YPbPr  for display to an hdtv.  I 
> am not holding out to much hope for the DVI capability in unichrome 
> anytime soon.  But I am psyched about being able to tap into the 
> vt1625 chip at all.  Any comments on this board and how well it works?

That may be a little much for the 1GHz processor unless you either 
offload or don't use the commercial flagging.  I have played 640x480p 
out the component with MythTV and with Mplayer just fine.  Unfortunately 
I had to stop working on it a couple of months ago and didn't get to 
work on the 1080i modes yet.  In my case I am only planning on using it 
as a dedicated frontend without any capture cards or storage.

Ivor has added my VT1625 support patch to the snapshot.  He is working 
on the modelines that I never got to, so a new snapshot isn't available yet.

> Also, are there other boards with C3/cn400/vt1625   that will be 
> generally available within a few months?  The Via Luke platform is a 
> big question mark in my book, considering the length of time it's been 
> circling just outside the market place.

Looks like Via got a little smart and changed out the VT1623 on the 
Nano-ITX board for a VT1625.  Other than that I don't know of any, but I 
haven't really looked either.


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