[mythtv-users] is this possible (multiple tuners and sources)

Howard Cokl hojoloco at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 14:58:34 UTC 2005

Dylan Keon wrote:

> I have a working MythTV system (FC3, ATRPMS) with two PVR-250s.  I 
> added a PVR-150 tonight, upgraded to the latest kernel and ivtv 
> 0.3.6w, and I can get video via the PVR-150 (no sound, though).  My 
> goal is to have the two PVR-250s record analog cable (already 
> working), and the PVR-150 record OTA broadcast signals via my rooftop 
> antenna since the reception of local channels stinks on our analog cable.
> I set up a new video source called "antenna" and configured a new 
> "local broadcast" channel listing for my area at zap2it.  However, 
> it's not clear to me how this will get handled in the EPG.  For 
> example, channel 7 on analog cable is Discovery, while channel 7 on 
> broadcast is PBS. After running mythfilldatabase these both appear in 
> the EPG, but where channels are the same (i.e., channel 9 is the same 
> station on both cable and OTA), there is only one entry in the EPG.

What you need to do is go into the Channel Editor (either in 
mythtv-setup or mythweb) and change the channel number.  In my case I 
have channel 7 (pvr250 connected to directv), channel 7-1 (wintv-go OTA 
NTSC) and 7HD (pchdtv 3K).

> I want local channels to be recorded on the PVR-150 by default, using 
> the local broadcast channel listing unless there is a conflict, in 
> which case they would get recorded on one of the PVR-250s.  Cable-only 
> channels would always get recorded on the PVR-250s.  Is all of this 
> (or any of this) possible?  I could just delete the duplicate 
> broadcast channels from the cable lineup, but then that would 
> eliminate the possibility of using the cable as a backup to resolve 
> conflicts.

Set the recording priority higher for the channels the 150 receives, 
setup > tv settings > recording priorities > channels priorities

> Thanks,
> Dylan


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