[mythtv-users] Problems with Tuning my DVB card for MythTV

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Wed Aug 10 13:11:11 UTC 2005

Peter Young wrote:

>Thanks for the info.  I've got it working now.  Works really well in Xine
>and only drops frames occasionly.  When I watch LiveTV or recorded shows in
>Myth they stutter a lot as the CPU maxs out even though it only uses 6->12%
>of CPU when recording a scheduled program.

Recording from a DVB-T card like this is a doddle for the CPU.  There's 
no work to do, except, basically, to put the received data stream in a 
file. LiveTV is hardest for it to handle, as it has to record and 
playback at the same time (it all gets recorded to the ringbuffer before 
being displayed).

>Any tips on getting a smoother picture or am I doomed seeing that it's
>running on a P3 1Ghz with 392MB RAM?
I am far from an expert, but I was led to believe that a 1GHz cpu would 
be sufficient.  I am using a 2.2GHz Sempron though (with 512MB ram).  
First guess though, could it be your graphics card, and/or it's 

I have an old TNT2 card in mine at the moment, and it works OK, on 
standard definition (720x576), but can't quite handle the higher 
definitions.  That's OK for me, as I think SD looks good enough.  It's 
DVD quality anyway!

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