[mythtv-users] dish network + mythtv (Press SELECT to continue)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Aug 10 02:42:32 UTC 2005

Jesse Guardiani wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a Dish receiver I am controlling via an IR Blaster.
> Every night at 3am, the dish receiver downloads updates,
> firmware (I assume), etc... and apparently resets itself.
> In the morning, it says "Press SELECT to continue", in
> a bouncing screen saver sort of thing. The only way to
> continue is to press SELECT, so it blocks scheduled
> recordings unless I manually press SELECT on the
> remote each morning.
> For those of you with Dish, is there any way to disable
> this behavior?

Yes.  Unplug the phone jack from your DISH receiver to prevent it from 
dialing out.  All software updates are done via satellite, now, so it 
won't affect the receiver's performance.  Technically, this is against 
the T's&C's of the DISH user agreement (but, I don't have a land-line 
phone, and my cell phone won't work for it), but they won't do 
anything--except, last I checked, if you have a dual-tuner model (which 
you do--the 322) for which you only pay a single-tuner price, they will  
begin charging the extra $4.95/mo (or whatever it is) for the second 
tuner if you unplug the phone line (basically, when they stop hearing 
from your receiver, they start charging for both tuners).

> Or do I pretty much just need to write
> a quick cronjob that sends SELECT via my IR Blaster
> every night at 4am?

Probably your best bet to save the $4.95/mo.

> How does everyone else handle
> this?

I don't connect a phone jack to my single-tuner 311 or my single-tuner 
4922, but I pay an extra $4.95/mo for the second receiver...


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