[mythtv-users] OT: Comcast Chicago changing channellineup, SCI-FI moving to digital only

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Aug 9 18:49:56 UTC 2005

Please wrap text.  Huge long lines suck.

On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 13:42 -0500, Gavin Haslett wrote:
> I will say that using external boxes ain't so bad,

So you like having to buy a box for every stream you want to watch, be
it recorders or other TVs in the house?

> While I really disagree with the fact that the cable/satellite companies are forcing these boxes on you, there are easy enough ways to work around it.

How do you "work around" proprietary hardware boxes you have to buy/rent
to get the signal?

> As for IR Blasters, nah... serial connection's the way to go and well supported in Myth.

If you are lucky enough that your cableco's proprietary box supports

> This is one problem with this country today; nobody seems to have the balls (or money) to really take a stand against the rampant corporatism that threatens to destroy this country.

America?  Amen.

> I'm British, living in the US because of the perceived freedoms I saw half a world away 10 years ago. I find it telling when both my wife and I have discussed recently the possibility of moving back to Britain in order to get some of the freedoms back we've given up in the last few years. Don't get me wrong; I love this country... I just don't love what Corporations are doing to it.

Amen again.

I'm Canadian, but unfortunately everything marketed to Canadian
consumers is just "overspray" from what is marketed to Americans.  Oh
yeah, and restricted by our over-controlling government bodies "in the
interests of Canadians".  Sure.  Whatever.


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