[mythtv-users] dish network + mythtv (Press SELECT to continue)

Endaf Jones jonese at zener.com
Tue Aug 9 15:11:31 UTC 2005

This sounds like a PVR type receiver.  There should be an option in the 
menus to disable the power-save/off mode (I can't remember what it's 

You can also modify your change channel script to hit a cancel button 
before the channel numbers are sent.

I have this setup to send POWER-ON, delay, CANCEL, CANCEL, channel num, 
CANCEL, CANCEL to avoid any pop ups that might happen.

That may not be the exact IR signals sent, but you get the idea.  The 
power-on has been added to get around the seemly random poweroff that's 
been occurring in the last few weeks.  That's not the standard 
power/toggle IR code, that's the discrete POWER-ON code.

I haven't missed a channel change in over 4 months now.

# Endaf

Jesse Guardiani wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a Dish receiver I am controlling via an IR Blaster.
> Every night at 3am, the dish receiver downloads updates,
> firmware (I assume), etc... and apparently resets itself.
> In the morning, it says "Press SELECT to continue", in
> a bouncing screen saver sort of thing. The only way to
> continue is to press SELECT, so it blocks scheduled
> recordings unless I manually press SELECT on the
> remote each morning.
> For those of you with Dish, is there any way to disable
> this behavior? Or do I pretty much just need to write
> a quick cronjob that sends SELECT via my IR Blaster
> every night at 4am? How does everyone else handle
> this?
> Thanks!

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