[mythtv-users] Scientific Atlanta 3250 HD STB

Jon Kunze jon99ut at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 12:04:27 UTC 2005

Well I'm hoping that when the Tech comes out on Saturday, he is half as 
helpful as the guy you got. He is supposedly bringing a Pioneer Box, so 
hopefully either it will work with Myth, or he ends up bringing a compatible 

TW in Columbus, Ohio (my TW provider) tells me that they don't provide 
SA3250HD with 1394, and that they don't provide the compatible Motorola box 
either. Has anyone gotten either of these boxes from Time Warner? I'm just 
curious, because three customer service people have told me that they don't 
provide these boxes, but of course they told me a week ago that they didn't 
have to provide me with a 1394 device (until I started reading the FCC 

On 8/9/05, James Colannino <james at colannino.org> wrote:
> William wrote:
> >>Are Satellite companies bound to the same regulation? If so, I think
> >>I'll be asking Dish Network for one of these. Thanks for the info :)
> >>
> >>James
> >>
> >>
> >Sorry, no. They do not have to provide any access other than licensed
> >devices.
> >
> >
> Ah well, that sucks then :-P Just out of curiosity, how likely is it
> that out of all the satellite boxes out there I'll be able to get mine
> working with an IR blaster? I hope that isn't a dumb question. I don't
> know much about IR blasters and Myth (other than an IR blaster will send
> a signal out like a remote.) Thanks :)
> James
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