[mythtv-users] Lirc and sound not working after upgrade

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 00:24:05 UTC 2005

On 8/7/05, mogens lunde <acer at mogenslunde.dk> wrote:
> Approximately every week I do an apt-get update and apt-get
> dist-upgrade. After the last of these mythtv could no longer access the
> backend server. I found out that the upgrade had changed my directories
> from /var/lib/mythtv to /mnt/store, and that I had to alter permissions
> in /var/lib/mythtv. After changing back I could restart mythbackend, and
> access my stored recordings.
> But no sound, and remote not working either :-(
> In the mythfrontend log I have these errors:
> mythtv: could not connect to socket
> mythtv: Connection refused
> lirc_init failed for mythtv, see preceding messages.
> So I guess that this might be caused by the ugrade having changed some
> other permissions, but I simply do not know where to look and what for.
> Basically I do not understand for what reasons an upgrade can alter
> permissions on already existing files and folders. But I guess there is
> some kind of good explanation.
> Thanks for any help.

I'd check to make sure that you have new kernel modules for LIRC and
ALSA if you're kernel has been upgraded using apt-get dist-upgrade.
The other possibility you mention is permissions - I'd 777 the files
and nodes giving you problems whilst you try to work out what is
causing the problems.


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