[mythtv-users] Xbox install via http://bit.blkbk.com scripts, does it show progress?

Petersen Curt petersen.curt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 21:12:10 UTC 2005

I just used the 0.4.5-beta script to configure myth on Saturday and it
worked fine for me.  I did not bootstrap since I've had xebian
installed for awhile.

I learned the hard way yesterday that it's always better to use
apt-get uninstall BEFORE you mess with your own compiled myth
distribution.  I had updated my backend server with the latest code
from SVN only to find out that the protocol version was bumped and the
released xbox frontend couldn't talk protocol 18!  So I tried
compiling sources for a new xbox frontend but that didn't work out so
well :(.  I gave up after a few hours and just ditched the SVN-way.  I
can wait for a new release.

On 8/7/05, David Whyte <david.whyte at gmail.com> wrote:
> Phill,
> When you use this script, let me know how it works for you.  I had a
> fair number of times where it stopped doing stuff until I hit the
> return key a few times.  Looking at the source, I wonder if it was
> supposed to be prompting me for something :|
> Now, when I run the test version, I don't seem to get a proper mysql
> connection and stuff.  Working on it now...
> Whytey
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