[mythtv-users] Live TV EPG and Multiple Tuners with Multiple Video Sources

Astrolox astrolox at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 19:26:27 UTC 2005


Been playing with Myth a lot recently and have come across something
that's bugging me. After spending a while for looking for a solution
(other than writing a patch) I thought I'd ask here.

My setup has 2 tuners in it. One of the tuners is digital the other
the analogue, as such I can receive different channels on each tuner.

All of the channels show up in the EPG with XMLTV data, etc..

My problem is that If I select a channel then it doesn't change tuner
for me. I have to manually select the tuner first.

For example; I can be watching Analogue ITV1 and want to switch to
Digital Sky News. Rather than just going to the EPG and selecting Sky
News, I first have to press Y, then go to the EPG and select Sky News.

Anyone know of a hidden option or something I've not found yet?  
If not, Can I least find out if I'm the only person annoyed by this?

astrolox at gmail.com, brian at astrolox.net

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