[mythtv-users] PVR 350, closed captioning, commercial detection

Jim Reith reith at racores.com
Mon Aug 8 13:38:37 UTC 2005

At 09:19 AM 8/8/2005, you wrote:
>On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 09:09, Jim Reith wrote:
> > At 08:57 AM 8/8/2005, you wrote:
> > >
> > >If you are trying to skip commercials in live tv as far as I know that
> > >is not currently part of mythtv.
> >
> > but you can use the skip button to jump ahead 30 seconds at a time which
> > works  quite nicely as long as you're not watching it live (start it
> and pause)
> >
>You are correct, and that does work just fine on my PVR-350 system.  I
>actually rarely watch live tv anymore.  I watch recorded shows almost
>100% of the time on the myth box, primarily to take advantage of the
>commercial flagging process.  This does mean watching stuff time shifted
>by about an hour and 12 minutes or so if I want to watch them the same
>night they are broadcast.

yeah, we've  done that as well. The biggest issue we now have is that with
multiple tuners, we no longer have to choose which show to watch so we're
getting even further behind and if you consider the star treks and 7 days
shown during the day we always missed and things like MI-5 shown at 4am...
well, the disk is full and I'm unable to write things out to DVD

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