[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au which script?

Michael Smith myth at immir.com
Mon Aug 8 03:11:40 UTC 2005

Sammo wrote:

> Michael, could you please clarify the example duplicate config entry for me?
> #    'ABC ACT' => 'act.abc.gov.au'
> #    $duplicate = {
> #       'act.abc.gov.au' => { 'ABC HD'       => 'hd.abc.gov.au',
> #                             'ABC CHAN 22'  => '22.abc.gov.au' },
> #       'eastern.sbs.com.au' => { 'SBS HD' => 'hd.eastern.sbs.com.au' }
> #    };
> 'ABC ACT' is the corresponding channel title of the tv guide.
> Why is 'ABC HD' and 'ABC CHAN 22' needed? They don't correspond with
> the channel titles of the tv guide. Can those values be set to an
> arbitary string?

Yes. When used with mythtv I don't imagine these values will be used at 
all --- you can set them to anything you want as long as they are unique 
within a given pair of braces.

I put them in there "just in case"(TM). The XML file produced by 
tv_grab_au has channel definitions of the form

     <channel id="act.abc.gov.au">
       <display-name lang="en">ABC ACT</display-name>

and it seemed reasonable to allow users to change the name used in the 
duplicated versions of these. That may actually be useful to someone 
using the script with programs other than mythtv (not that I know of 
anyone doing that).


  'act.abc.gov.au' => { '1' => 'hd.abc.gov.au', '2' => '22.abc.gov.au' }

would be a reasonable form. If there are enough complaints I'll happily 
reconsider this decision(*).


(*) originally I just had something like this:

   $duplicate = {
     'act.abc.gov.au' => [ 'hd.abc.gov.au', '22.abc.gov.au' ]

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