[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au v1.31

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 09:10:44 UTC 2005

> The recent problem with the NMSM website (coinciding with pid changes in
> Canberra?) has prompted an update to my tv_grab_au. The latest version
> is attached and also updated at <http://www.immir.com/tv_grab_au>.
> I've added a (manual) configuration option for program listing
> duplication; for example, with the following lines in the config file:
>   $channels = {
>     'ABC ACT' => 'act.abc.gov.au',
>     'SBS EASTERN' => 'eastern.sbs.com.au'
>   };
>   $duplicate = {
>      'act.abc.gov.au' => { 'ABC copy 1'  => 'blah.abc.gov.au',
>                            'ABC copy 2'  => 'rhubarb.abc.gov.au' },
>      'eastern.sbs.com.au' => { 'SBS HD' => 'hd.eastern.sbs.com.au' }
>   };
> will duplicate the program information to new channels with specified
> names and XMLTV channel ids. (As usual, this is simply perl code, so be
> wary of syntax.) The names (eg, 'ABC Copy1') get incorporated into the
> XMLTV channel information; AFAIK these values won't be seen in mythtv at
> all.
> Hopefully that's flexible enough for most people. (?)
> Also, the details url is extracted from the link on the guide page
> rather than constructed from the pid value; this should prevent problems
> like we all had last week when they change the url format.

Michael - thanks on behalf of Aussie MythTV users for this script and
for updating it to cope with the recent changes. I've been using your
script for a while and I think it's the best one of the different ones
going around.

Not sure if you saw the discussion last week of getting one of the
Aussie grabbers submitted to be part of the XMLTV package, but there
was a general feeling that your's would be the best to submit. Would
you have an issue with that?


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