[mythtv-users] TV lasts 1 second then dies

Michael.S.G. MythTV at BDen.org
Sat Aug 6 19:52:03 UTC 2005

    Im running a PVR350 like you. And had EXACTLY the same problem.
    I use Pal-Australia.

My Guess:
The issue seems to be with Myth setting (or not setting) the source 
    What I think happens is the pvr350 can't lock onto a video signal. 
Then MythTV throws you out.

Fix for me:
I noticed, When you do the "Manual test" of the PVRx50 from Jarod's site 
(Bow down to our great overlord!)
That a ".ivtvrc" files gets written to the home directory. Run the 
PTuner under the MythTV user to create ".ivtvrc" file.
Edit it, And make sure the defaults are set right.

How does it fix it/work:
?...Something in Myth looks for the .ivtvrc file for settings. (Not sure 
if this is true or not)


James Colannino wrote:

> Mark Knecht wrote:
>> On 8/6/05, James Colannino <james at colannino.org> wrote:
>>> Hey everyone.  I've been googling around trying to find a solution to
>>> this, but haven't found one yet :(  I did find one thread where someone
>>> had the same problem
>>> (http://mysettopbox.tv/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=30704&) but nobody 
>>> found a
>>> solution.  Basically, I can view TV for about half a second or so,
>>> afterwhich the image freezes, mythfrontend doesn't respond for about
>>> 10-20 seconds, and finally I'm dropped back to the Watch TV menu entry.
>>> I ran mythfrontend in a console and got the following errors:
>> <SNIP>
>>> It says that us-bcast (the name of my video source) isn't attached to
>>> the input on the card, but it is (I attached it to Tuner 0).  Does
>>> anyone have any ideas?  Has anyone else had a similiar problem, and 
>>> even
>>> better, has anyone solved it?  Thanks very much everyone :)
>>> James
>> Hi,
>>   I had this same problem recently. I wish I was better at keeping
>> notes, but I believe it was some sort of ivtv problem in my case. I
>> run Gentoo, so I reinstalled the version in Portage (0.2.0 at the time
>> I think) and then installed a newer ivtv over the top. I currently run
>> 0.3.7. At that point, for some reason my back end machine won't warm
>> boot ivtv correctly, so I shut down and did a cold reboot. From there
>> on it worked for me.
>>   This may be Gentoo specific for all I know.
> Well actually I'm using Gentoo too :)  I'm using a manually compiled 
> ivtv driver (0.3.7a) and it works just fine when I cat /dev/video0, 
> but still doesn't work with myth :( I should mention that I'm using a 
> PVR-350.  I've tried disabling hardware decoding, playing with 
> deinterlacing, and all sorts of other stuff, but I just can't get it 
> to work :(
> James

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