[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au / Foxtel

Marty Ravell mythtv at rave-tech.com.au
Sat Aug 6 08:59:27 UTC 2005

I've tried hooking an antenna into the Aerial in of the Foxtel box and
entered the frequencies from the previously mentioned link into mythtvsetup.
This should give me the FTA channels at their usual positions.

No change unfortunately. All I see is static.

Hmmm. Might try plugging the composite out from the STB into the 350 to see
if I get a picture through Myth. My big problem with this is that I haven't
yet gotten LIRC to be able to detect the remote's signal. Not a viable setup
for general use just yet (I currently have the STB going straight to the TV
via the composite out so we can watch the box without Myth being part of it
for the moment).

I took a look at /var/local/tv_grab_au/guide.xml which I think is what
tv_grab_au produces. Nowhere in it did I see any mention of frequency for
the channels. Perhaps I need to play with other versions?


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Marty Ravell wrote:
> I'm looking at the second page of 'Channel' setup in mythtvsetup and I 
> note that the 'Frequency ID' column is empty.

> How does this normally get filled?

   I believe tv_grab_au scripts are supposed to be able to do this now?

> When I try to use the 'Watch TV' function in Myth I get a screen full of 
> snow I am thinking that perhaps I need this Frequency ID information.


> My rig is connected to a Foxtel STB here in Sydney Australia. I'm using 
> the RF connection and I understand it that Foxtel sends the free-to-air 
> signals down this as well as the actual cable channels (Although the 
> cable channels appear on just one channel and are switched when you 
> choose them on the remote)

  I assume this hasn't changed but the foxtel box merely sends out
the fta channels over the same rf channel as if they were a pay channel
ie only if you have it selected on the box, so you are stuck
with antenna reception for these.

> If anyone has this setup properly would you mind listing the frequencies 
> of the FTA channels? (2, 7, 9, 10, SBS)


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