[mythtv-users] Operating System of choice ?

zoiks2004-ivtv at yahoo.com zoiks2004-ivtv at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 00:09:14 UTC 2005

If you are interested in saving time and work, then
knoppmyth ( http://mysettopbox.tv/ ) is the right
choice.  That's the only way you are going to get a
good "out of the box" experience in myth right now.

My myth stuff is in SuSE but I would *not* recommend
it for a Myth box.  It's only because that's how I
started it and I happened to have SuSE disks handy at
the time.  I've recommended knoppmyth to friends and
they got Myth boxes up and running so fast I was a bit
jealous.  ;)  LIke an hour or so from blank disk to
working machine.

(Not to knock the FC route - it's probably a close
second in the OBE department, but my friend tried it
and couldn't get the regular x11 display driver to
work at all.  Forget Myth he couldn't even get as far
as KDE.)

--- mythtv at sci.fi wrote:

> ". i use gentoo for backend and (for the time being)
> slackware-current 
> for frontend (tho' I want to move both to gentoo one
> of these days)"
> Can you tell me in short why you prefer gentoo over
> FC ? I'm trying to 
> get as much info as possible, so I don't have to do
> so much work going 
> back and forth with the platform, etc.
> Also I'm guessing FC4 is the one to select from FC ?
> I haven't had any 
> experience with FC, just Debian and some others, so
> don't know if 
> there's a reason to take an older version.
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