[mythtv-users] Managing DVD's in Linux

Jonathan Mills jonmills at email.unc.edu
Fri Aug 5 23:13:48 UTC 2005

I am looking for the "best accepted practices" to perform the  
following tasks in Linux:

1) Rip a commercial DVD
2) If necessary, transcode it and compress it to fit on a DVD5  
(regular DVD+/-R)
3) Be able to selectively burn various tracks, audio, and menus
4) Burn the DVD (or alternatively create an iso image of it)

Now I'm not a Linux noob; in fact I'm a Linux Administrator.  I've  
just never done any video-related tasks under Linux.  I'm also  
completely new to mythTV.  In Winbloze, I would normally perform all  
of the above tasks using just two programs:  DVD Decryptor and  

How does the majority of the community handle such tasks?

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