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Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 19:51:28 UTC 2005

On 8/5/05, Richard Bronosky <mythtv at bronosky.com> wrote:
> Ryan Steffes wrote: 
> The trick of the whole situation is that the only protections that even 
> kinda work are the ones that use bad data. However, it can't be TOO bad or 
> you wouldn't be able to play it at all, and the amount of peopel who watch 
> movies/listen to music on their computers is too large a segment to ignore.
> I recently got a copy of Hitch to take with me on vacation. My plan was to 
> rip to my external drive, with some other movies, and stick it in a bag. We 
> can watch it on a laptop when we get there, or pipe it through the laptop to 
> composite-in on the TV. However, the copy I got was a used movie rental and 
> has that Sony protection with the bad sectors. Mythtv, dvd::rip, and 
> mencoder all freaked trying to rip it. Maybe there's a way around it with 
> those, but I don't know.
> What I do know is that mplayer didn't care as much about making the file a 
> perfect rip and played it just fine. Once I realized that, it didn't take me 
> long to do the math and just play it to a file through mplayer and create my 
> own nice little vob. Even the best CD copy protection isn't going to stop 
> people from connecting line-out to line-in -- old school tape recorder 
> style.
> Ditto for DVDs, it's not that hard to play your DVD out to PVR in. 
> Standard formats just can't be protected too much or they become useless, 
> and you aren't going to sell a new standard to people who are very happy 
> with the old standard. No one is going to be able to force everyone to 
> change their TV, stereo equipment, computer hardware, car stereo, radios, 
> boomboxes, dvd players, VHS players, and put special DRM chips in 
> everything, including ALL speakers and microphones and video cameras. That's 
> what you'd have to do to keep any copies from being made ever.
> No law can protect a bad business model forever.
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>  HDMI... all future video out will be similar to it. Shortly after HD-DVD 
> is defacto, DVDs will no longer be made. All HD-DVD players will only output 
> over a protected method... Analog cable too will disappear and all the new 
> cable and satellite receivers will also use protected outputs... Then this 
> mailing list will be discussions about the kinds of file servers, gaming 
> boxes and home automation/video surveillance machines that people are 
> converting their PVRs into.
> It's sad, but it is coming. Pessimistic? No, informed.
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All efforts thusfare are meeting with limited success, despite articles 
pushing it as the next big thing. There will just be very little change 
until vast majority of current products meet the end of their lifespan due 
to the fact they have to maintain compatability to maintain profitability. 
Frankly, the bulk of consumers don't care about high definition. I've seen 
it in all it's glory, in allegedly "as good as it gets" conditions, and 
frankly I could care less.

VHS and DVD machines still cost $20 bucks, and plenty of 19 inch TV's are 
still being sold for $100 with good old fashion hook ups. Even more 
importantly, plenty of 32 inch $500 TV's are being sold without HD. That 
market isn't going away, so there will always be converter boxes, and you 
will always be able to record it.

All the other talk is wishfull thinking of people who don't look at the raw 
economics of the situation. For a large percentage of American families, the 
TV is the most expensive electronic item they own. They can't just make 
people replace that. Maybe in other countries the numbers are different.

-- Ryan
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