[mythtv-users] CD Copy protection?

Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Fri Aug 5 17:07:41 UTC 2005

Dewey Smolka wrote:

>The only real answer is to stop buying, and let the record stores and
>production companies know why you've stopped buying.
>I actually had a fairly amusing experience not too long ago along
>these lines. I was at the mall waiting for my wife to finish looking
>for something or other and I wandered into the music shop. It's the
>first time I've been in a cookie-cutter mall music shop in probably 10
>years. They haven't got any better.
>But anyway, I had no intention of buying anything, but wanted to see
>what would happen. So I picked up some copy-protected disc (can't
>remember which one) and headed over to the counter. The converstion
>went something like this:
>Me: Hi. Do you have this record in a Compact Disc format?
>Salesdrone: That is a Compact Disc.
>Me: No it isn't. [showing the disc] There's no CD logo on it, it isn't
>red-book compliant.
>SD: That is a music CD, it will play in your CD player.
>Me: I didn't ask for a music disc, I asked for a Compact Disc. Do you have one?
>SD: That is a compact disc.
>Me: This is most definitely not a Compact Disc. A Compact Disc has an
>emblem on it indicating that it's compliant with the red-book CD Audio
>standard. This has no  emblem, so it's not red-book compliant,
>therefore it's not a CD. Do you have a CD?
>SD: That is a CD. Would you like to buy it?
>Me: Let me talk to the manager.
>SD: [grumble, grumble, goes to get manager] 
>Manager: How can I help you.
>Me: Sorry to be a bother, I'm just trying to find out if you have this
>record on Compact Disc.
>Mngr: That is a compact disc.
>Me: As I explained to your colleague, it is not a Compact Disc because
>there is no emblem indicating red-book CD Audio compliance. Do you
>have it on Compact Disc?
>Mngr: Ah. Well this is better than Compact Disc [I nearly lost it when
>he said that, but kept my composure and plugged along].
>Me: How?
>Mngr: You can play it on your computer and keep the tracks as
>high-quality Windows media files.
>Me: But I can play a Compact Disc on my computer, and I don't run Windows.
>Mngr: Look, This is a music disc that will play in any CD player.
>Would you like to buy it.
>Me: No. I'd like to buy a Compact Disc. Do you have one? 
>Mngr: If you look around, I'm sure you'll find a lot of Compact Discs
>in the store.
>Me: But not this one? 
>Mngr: No, I guess not.
>Me: Thanks anyway for your time. [leaves]
>When we went by the shop a little later, I noticed some of the
>employees were looking very closely at CD boxes. I can only hope they
>were looking for the logo.
>The moral of the story is that I have very little power against the
>music companies, and the only power I can excercise is to not purchase
>their goods. Along the same lines, I don't download their goods
>either. A legal download gives them cash and legitimacy, while an
>illicit download gives them ammunition. All I want to give them is the
>Instead, I've been gradually filling my Myth box with music from my
>local library. They've got tens of thousands of CDs [though I've never
>seen any of these better-than-CDs there], and don't seem to want to
>tell me where and how to listen them. My current crop is The Miles
>Davis Quintet box set, The The's Dusk, Tom Waits' Alice, and Falling
>in Love with Duke Ellington.
>If it came down to it, I'd rather live without music than do anything
>that would help the current major record labels.
>I know this is all horribly off-topic for the Myth list, but I think
>it's something that concerns us all because of the systems that we've
>built and the capabilities we know our machines have.
>Just my $0.02.
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Ditto.  Well said.

 I discovered Mel Torme at my public library.  I now understand years of
overlooked "Night Court" jokes.

Thank you for your time,
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