[mythtv-users] CD Copy protection?

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Fri Aug 5 13:46:52 UTC 2005

Brian C. Huffman wrote:

>This doesn't look good for those of us that legitimately buy CDs, but then would
>rather rip them to mythmusic and keep the library there...

Simple fix: don't buy any music without a CDDA logo clearly stamped on 
the case/disc/inlay. If there's an album which is unclear, or you won't 
buy because it's protected, mail the record label, any offical band 
websites not run directly by the label, and tell your normal music 
outlet "I refuse to buy this not-CD, please start stocking CDs again 
instead of round plastic garbage"

The CDDA logo is your only proof that a disc is safe - many labels now 
put out protected discs with no warning on whatsoever.

See also my own rant on this, at 

--Jo Shields

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