[mythtv-users] Understanding the ringbuffer file.

tufkal tufkal at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 18:28:31 UTC 2005

Now that I had not thought of, thanks!  Maybe I can get a shares stream 
on my network yet!

Chris Menard wrote:

>mythstreamtv uses vlc to read directly from the /dev/video# file for
>the PVR card.  if the frequency that the PVR is tuned to changes the
>streamed video changes without skipping a beat.  Kinda funny when I'm
>watching the sox at work and the stream changes to Mr Ed.  (scheduled
>myth recording for kids)
>On 8/4/05, tufkal <tufkal at gmail.com> wrote:
>>In my research into providing an easy way to stream live TV content from
>>a Myth box over a network I have come to a few conclusions.
>>-Using nuvexport and/or DSmyth (or just transcoding on the backend) it
>>is very easy to work with recorded programs.  There is alot of
>>documentation on this.  None of it is helpful when referring to LiveTV.
>>-Using DSmyth you can turn Windows Media Player into a dumb Myth
>>frontend, that shows a LiveTV stream, but requires a tuner input and
>>backend power, as it is a frontend connection.  It is not efficient to
>>have a tuner input and CPU cycles per user watching the same thing.
>>-If you have a MPEG2 encoding card (PVR-x50) the buffer file is a
>>standard MPEG2 file not RTJpeg in a Nuppel container and thus, this
>>entire process is ALOT more academic. (Confirm/Deny?)
>>-VLC seems to be the easiest answer with its ability to stream via
>>mms/http/rtsp whatever it is playing.  VLC is the principal tool used in
>>the hard to configure mythstream plugin.  The trick is to get VLC to
>>play the ringbuf1.nuv file.  First you have to get VLC to decode the
>>video properly, and then handle the buffer changes.  At this point,
>>anyone on the network could tune in and get a stream of whatever that
>>tuner card is watching (which is what I am aiming for).
>>Which leads to the next point.
>>-The ability to read the ringbuffer file after a channel change or when
>>the buffer reaches its size limit, is something I have not been able to
>>accomplish.  mythfrontend has no problem obviously, I guess I just do
>>not understand the buffer process.
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