[mythtv-users] Re: Location of recordings for multiple backends

Reza rezmang at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 4 18:17:31 UTC 2005

Im definately not an expert, but I have been using mythtv for about 2 years now, and I run a multiple slave setup. On my setup, each slave has its own local storage and I have them all record locally. I then use nfs to map the local drives on my master so everything is visible to everyone. I think your best bet here is to have a unique folder for each of your slaves. So you said you have /video/ for your master, go ahead and make /video_s1/ for your slave. Then for each additional slave, make /video_s2/, etc. Since everything is being stored on the master, you should be all set on this point. If however you were storing the slave recordings local. Do the same thing, except make sure your path on your master and the slave match exactly. So if you have /video_s1/ on the slave, NFS mount that directory on your master as /video_s1/.
I remember when I was first setting up my master/slave config, I had the slave writing data to my master. My master had a 900gb partition, so this setup made sense. I had about a few hundred gb free. The problem was that when I connected the slave, mythtv took my free space and doubled it because it saw that the master had 200gb free and so did the slave, giving me a total of 400gb free, when in reality, both were sharing the drive. Maybe this issue has been fixed, but I didnt like the setup, so I decided to distribute my storage. Now I have 1 master with 1tb, 1 slave with 1tb, and a 2nd slave with .5tb. I dont have a good method of distributing the recordings among the different computers other than switching the order of the tuners.
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