[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au which script?

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Thu Aug 4 12:27:53 UTC 2005

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005 09:45 pm, Matthew Phillips wrote:
> On 04/08/2005, at 1:23 PM, David Whyte wrote:
> > I agree with Matt.  It would be better to have a single consolidated
> > script which services all states etc.  If the state is not serviced in
> > the script, someone add it to the script then recommit.
> I'd vote to submit the "Michael Smith" grabber to the XMLTV project.

I second this.  I've done a lot of patches for the Damon Searle tv_grab_au and 
I'm unwilling to go further with it.  Next on my to do list is to improve / 
change the parser but that would require major changes.  Its been on my to do 
list for six months because the current version 'just works'.

My dream was a python version with more redundancy and maybe a offsite cache 
of xmltv files to reduce load on the grab web site.

Dream big,

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