[mythtv-users] Tuning Issues

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 02:23:52 UTC 2005

> I am having some issues getting mythfilldatabase to work but given that I am
> trying these tests on the command line I figured that this probably isn't a
> problem (yet).

Contrary to other posts in this thread, I don't think that
mythfilldatabase has anything to do with your problem -- that is the
command to download program info. Even if you don't have any program
info, you should still be able to pick up a signal.

The thing to do is run mythtvsetup, make sure that your capture device
is set properly -- for a PVR 350 it should be the MPEG 2 card option
(I think it even says PVR 250). Then make sure that the input source
is set correctly. This can be confusing as the options are (IIRC)
Composite 0-3, S-Video 0-3, and Tuner 0. I could never figure out why
there are so many possibilities when there's only 1 composite, 1 S
video, and 1 Tuner input.

If you run 
it will take you straight to live TV viewing and show you whatever the
card is picking up. If all is well, you'll see your TV signal,
regardless whether or not you've run mythfilldatabase.

I can't tell you anything about specific settings in Australia, but in
the US I had to edit the ivtv configuration to define a different
tuner type than the default for a PVR 250 (same capture hardware as
the 350). I've never had to manually input frequencies.

Hope this helps

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