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Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Tue Aug 2 19:04:44 UTC 2005

Scot L. Harris wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 11:50, Chris Petersen wrote:
>>>One question I have is I would like to utilize a PVR-350 in the pundit
>>>system for output to the TV and as another tuner for recording.  I have
>>>been very pleased with the PVR-350 in the existing system.  I read that
>>>this will be a tight fit but appears that it should be workable.  Is
>>>there any other gotchas with setting a pundit up (or pundit-r) this
>>>way?  Since I plan on using the PVR-350 for output the onboard video
>>>won't be used much beyond the initial install.
>>Why would you want to do that?  The video-out on the pundit is great, 
>>and even a mediocre celeron (if you're not spending the $$ for a full 
>>p4) can handle displaying fullscreen mpeg2 (heck, my 2.4G p4 will play 
>>720p at 800x600).  Mind you, this is the SiS pundit, not the pundit-R 
>>(or S).  From what I understand, setting up the video out for a 350 is a 
>>PITA, too (and you'll likely lose out on a number of the new openGL ui 
>>changes in forthcoming mythtv versions)
>Well the first mythtv box I setup uses a PVR-350 for the output and
>works very well for me.  :)
>It would also give me another encoder channel to use, assuming I
>understand correctly that the backend system can use encoders on remote
>However I have started to consider using a epia board setup as a
>diskless frontend.  Would make it cost effective to setup one on each TV
>in the house.  
>BTW: once the initrd has been modified to send X out the PVR-350 output
>can the video card be pulled from the system?  Or would that prevent the
>system from booting?
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I'm pretty sire that depends on your BIOS.  For what MoBo are you
asking?  If the MoBo has onboard video, which most do, you certainly can
boot without a video card.

But I've seen some really weird crap before.  I've got a system that
won't boot without a PS2 Keyboard plugged in.  (Even though I used a USB
keyboard, I also have to keep an old PS2 KB plugged in too.)  Isn't that
nuts?  Made a great SFF sandbox, but the physical foot quadrupled when
you add in the silly KB requirement. 

Thank you for your time,
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