[mythtv-users] Re: Windows Viewing Solutions?

Andrew Chung acchung at techie.com
Tue Aug 2 18:36:11 UTC 2005

I'm actually quite interested in using a Windows box as a front end as well.
Mainly for the fact that it works great as a gaming box as well.

I'm only recording HDTV streams at the moment and I've found that ZoomPlayer
does a pretty good job at playing the MPEG2 TS streams that Myth outputs via
a Samba share while it is playing.  ZoomPlayer will also re-read the file
and restart from the end so when you hit the end of the partial recording
ZoomPlayer continues.  The problem with Zoom is that it has skips and pauses
as this occurs which is annoying.  TheatreTek on the other hand plays
continuously while the show is being recorded but with Theatretek you cannot
seek to any new parts of the program!  If only they could combine those two
a bit!

I'm still having some problems with MythWeb so I haven't had any time to see
about trying to do some sort of glue program to auto launch but my guess is
that a simple plug-in/ActiveX or other object could be written to launch
your player with the appropriate settings.  Does anyone know if something
like this has been done yet?


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Michael T. Dean wrote:

> Steve Nuffer wrote:
>> I have tried using the MythWeb and changing the URL to the samba 
>> share.  The URL that I'm using is FILE://location/file.nuv 
>> <file://location/file.nuv>.  When I do that, the file browser tries
>> to download the whole file even if its a share.   If I put the same 
>> URL in MS Explorer at the top, it immediately plays.  I have tried 
>> different combinations but can't get around the download.
>> Anybody know a way around that.
> The only way to get the browser plug-ins to start playing it 
> immediately is to "stream" the file from the webserver.  This requires 
> some extra software--something like VLC.  The MythStreamTV plugin will 
> allow you to do this (using VLC).

or use dsmyth:


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