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Fredrik Karlsson dargosch at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 14:14:43 UTC 2005

Just a quick question to the ones that seem to understand how this works:
Is the cutting -- A/V sync-question only an issue when wanting to
remove commersials?
An earlier post in this thread seems to indicate that this is an issue
generally when transforming PVR MPEG2 recordings to DVD. Have I
understood this correctly?

Personally, I think that the issue of not having the ability to create
a (standard compliant) DVD from the recordings in a simple way, is the
one thing that sets MythTV back in WAF.


On 8/1/05, Cory Papenfuss <papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu> wrote:
> > The best approach is to add code to avidemux2 (and probably
> > mplex/replex/transcode/whatever) to handle varying A/V sync within the
> > stream.  Since most players (i.e. xine, MPlayer, and even Myth) can do so, it
> > should be possible--the hard part is finding someone willing to make the time
> > to make the changes.  (I'll admit I'm being selfish with my time since DISH
> > provides a workaround for me.)
> >
>         I've inquired about that on with avideumx developers.  It's pretty
> low on the list.  I actually think that something like gopchop of gopdit
> is a better place to start.  It will cut the streams in place without
> de/remuxing.  It just needs to get some bugs worked out, and figure out
> how to set timestamps after a cut.
>         The problem is a matter of heirarchy AIUI.  The synchronization
> between the Video and Audio streams that's causing the problem is at the
> ProgramStream (PS) level.  That's where the PTS/DTS lives.  Once it's
> demuxed, that information is gone.  That's why it needs to be done in
> place.
>         A more fundamental question would be how should something like
> gopchop deal with cuts.  Allow for 4-5 minute "magic" timeshifts in the
> resulting stream?  Change the timestamp of all packets after the first
> cut?  Should it also allow for inserting the VOBU padding so another
> replex isn't necessary?
>         ProjectX is pretty close to the only one I've found that does it.
> It appears to try to fix timestamps and has a dizzing array of options to
> do so.  It's intended for manipulating DVB streams (with multiple
> programs), so it's fairly complicated.  Too bad it uses the J-language...
> much larger than it would need to be for a CLI utility.
> -Cory
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