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mythtv guy mythtvguy at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 2 11:16:07 UTC 2005

--- Allan Stirling <Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org>

> mythtv guy wrote:
> > Allan,
> > 
> > Your solution interests me as it is what I would
> have
> > liked to do in the first place.  You have inspired
> me
> > to try it myself - I am driving the serial port
> > through a voltage divider into a CMOS inverter to
> give
> > me a 5v inverted signal which i can feed into the
> box
> > in place of the IR sensor signal.  In fact I am
> > AND'ing the two together so either the IR sensor
> or
> > the DTR signal can be used.
> > 
> > Trouble is it would appear as though the remote
> codes
> > in my lircd.conf file are no good for this
> approach.
> > 
> > The sky box certainly doesnt recognise commands
> sent
> > from the PC and when I monitor it on an
> oscillosope
> > the waveform seems to be every different to that
> seen
> > when I press the equivalent buttons on the remote.
>  Do
> > you have a copy of the lircd.conf file you used
> that
> > you could send me?
> > 
> > At first I missed off the lirc_serial options you
> > mentioned and I hoped that would be the problem
> but
> > even after adding them it still behaves the same
> way.
> > 
> > Do you have any other ideas why this wouldn't be
> > working.  Having got this close I would love to be
> > able to see it through now.
> > 
> > Thanks for any help you can give.
> > 
> Is this Sky or Sky Plus?
> Isn't AND the wrong operation? Don't you want XOR?
> Cheers,
> Allan.
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It is normal sky (not sky plus)

The reason I use an AND is that both the signal from
the existing IR sensor and from my PC (via the
inverter) are normally 1 and if either goes to 0 I
want that to be seen by the digibox.  If I was to use
an XOR then the output would be 0 in the quiescent
state as both inputs would be 1.

I think this part works fine as the signal from the IR
sensor does seem to get through to the digibox
properly (i can toggle the box on and off from the

If i do 'irsend SEND_ONCE sky onoff' to do the same
thing from linux the box doesn't seem to notice it
(the 'received' indicator led on the front panel
doesnt flash)

i am not sure of my observations with my oscilloscope
as it is very old and does not have digital storage
but i am not sure what else to try other than to give
up with this and try with a normal IR emitter attached
to the PC.

Once I have set softcarrier=0 I assume the standard
sky remote codes in lircd.conf will work as if I was
using a IR transmitter?


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