[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au script from this list. Anyoneelsehadproblems today?

Ian Ward support at cyberpro.com.au
Tue Aug 2 08:50:26 UTC 2005

Marty Ravell wrote:

>Hi Daniel,
>I don't mean to sound cheap but $3 per week seems a bit expensive. After all
>the reason we do projects like MythTV is partly to build cheap alternatives
>to commercial PVRs.
>If it were $3 per month then I think I'd jump on it in an instant.
Hi Daniel,

I'm with Marty here.  It does seem a little too expensive. 
I'm wondering how many people you think will take it up at that price.
$13 per month suggests you don't think many people will.
Sliding it back, ( at least to single digits per month ) may see more 
people go for it. 
You might get the TIVO guys onboard as well.

Just my 2c
.....bends down and picks his 2c back up........

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