[mythtv-users] Initial Machine Parts

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Tue Aug 2 06:33:34 UTC 2005

Scott wrote:

> On Aug 1, 2005, at 9:02 PM, Quentin Whitmyer wrote:
>> Ok, I am starting to put together a initial list of items I am  going 
>> to buy for my MythTV box. At moment I plan on going with the  all in 
>> one solution, however in the future I might get a second  little box 
>> for the front end.
>> So far I have:
>> 2 Hauppage PVR 350
>> Maybe 1 pcHDTV HD-3000 for Future
>> CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 4400 or 4800
>> A8N-SLI Premium Motherboard, I like the AI-Cool Pipe option and it  
>> supports the AMD Cool 'n' Quiet Tech. for fans
> I think the  only reason you would need this much CPU is to handle  
> software decoding of HDTV streams. Since you have the HD3000 board  
> chances are in the future you'll want a card that can do HDTV output.  
> For that I would look at the some of the Gigabyte or eVGA cards found  
> here: http://www.pcalchemy.com/index.php If you don't have any HDTV  
> sources now (OTA by chance?) consider skipping on the HD-3000 and  
> video card to save money. Chances are in 6-12mo new HDTV tuners will  
> be on the market with better quality. Worse case, you pick up a used  
> HD3000 off ebay on the cheap :)
> Smart move on the AMD cool'n'quiet choice. Make sure you setup your  
> Linux distro of choice to take advantage of it.
>> I am defiantly open to some suggestions on changes?
>> I still need to pick out the Case, Power Supply and a few fans. I  am 
>> thinking about going with a Fan-less Power Supply for noise  
>> reduction and I could use some suggestions on which fans to look into.
>> Do any of you suggest a case. I have found several built for noise  
>> reduction and looks since this is going in the living room.
> In addition to pcalchemy.com, check out http:// 
> www.silentpcreview.com. Based on reviews from that site and elsewhere  
> I'm going with the Seasonic S12-330 which I expect to handle my basic  
> setup. You may want to consider a larger PSU than this depending on  
> how many hard drives you plan to put in the case.
> I also was thinking about a fanless PSU but decided against it after  
> reading information on SPCR. The key thing that sticks in my head is  
> that with a silent PSU you need quality case ventilation to move the  
> heat out that the PSU fans would normally be moving out for you.  
> Having looked at several HTPC cases from Ahanix, Silverstone, and  
> Uneed none of the full sized ATX cases score well on airflow when  
> compared midtower cases.
> In the end I've decided that having fans isn't such a bad thing as  
> long as they are controlled. The case I'm designing will end up  
> having voltage controlled 5 fans (1 CPU, 1 GPU, 2 Case, 1 PSU)  
> however I still expect it to be nearly silent. The plan here is to  
> use the special fan connections on the Seasonic along with simple  
> inline voltage controls and temperature monitoring to only spin the  
> fans as fast as needed. Apple did it on the dual G5 2GHz systems, how  
> hard can it be? ;)
> Hope it helps.
> -- 
> Scott <catfather at donpoo.net>
> AIM: BlueCame1

Is the most expensive desktop chip AMD currently sell really going to be 
put to good use, especially given the maybes around your need for HDTV, 
and the hardware MPEG2 encoders? I personally use a 1.7GHz Pentium-M 
(P-M is faster, clock for clock, than AMD64, though no dual core 
variants exist yet), which under full load sends out about 30W of power 
(90 or more for a dual-core AMD), or idle (with the help of Enhanced 
Speedstep), a fraction of that. The end result is with two DVB-T video 
streams recording, the chip is sitting comfortably at 600Mhz - with the 
CPU fan switching itself off out of boredom.

--Jo Shields

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