[mythtv-users] Experiences with XvMC

Scott catfather at donpoo.net
Tue Aug 2 02:50:52 UTC 2005

On Aug 1, 2005, at 10:34 PM, Marc Tousignant wrote:
>> Setup of nvidia + xvmc on Gentoo is well documented and went off
>> without a hitch using nvidia-kernel 1.0.7667. Over all I was
>> impressed with the results. Using xvmc I was able to easily playback
>> 1080i clips with about 35% cpu use. Considering the low end PCI bus
>> on the Pundit system board and the low end GPU on the FX 5200.
> <SNIP>
> Can you point me to this "well documented" location? I'm having  
> trouble
> hehe.

I used these resources:

1) The Gentoo Desktop Guide has a nVidia Howto: http://www.gentoo.org/ 
2) The Gentoo Wiki has some good info on nVidia in general. Just  
search for nvidia and you'll get a bunch of interesting hits. http:// 
3) The Gentoo forums are a fantastic resource. http:// 
forums.gentoo.org. Search on 'nvidia' or on 'xvmc' and you'll find  
lots of Q&A threads.

On my box (Asus Pundit SIS P4 Northwood + PCI eVga FX5200) I was able  
to emerge the most current masked nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx, and  
then run opengl-update. A few quick changes to my existing xorg.conf  
and I had the nvidia driver with dri up and running in an hour. After  
that I followed the desktop guide instructions to rebuild a few  
packages like xine-lib and mplayer to include xvmc support and was  
able to use Xine 1.1.0 / 0.99.4 to view HDTV content with xvmc.

Scott <catfather at donpoo.net>
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