[mythtv-users] CPU recommendation instead of EPIA?

Craig Hagerman craighagerman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 14:02:15 UTC 2005

I am planning on building a mythTV box and need a recommendation
regarding CPU. My original plan was to build around a mini-itx EPIA
system (EPIA M-10000 or M-12000). However, after reading through this
board (and having a previous question answered) I think that I should
consider another system. I am concerned about transcoding performance
with the EPIA CPUs.

I plan to use this box only as a back end to record TV and transcode.
I understand that with EPIA CPUs performance for transcoding is
terrible. What kind of CPU would you recommend? I don't want to spend
too much (otherwise, I wouldn't ask here - I would just go buy the
lastest from AMD or Intel). Also, I would prefer to build a system
that is:
- less power-hungry (uses less electricity)
- is fairly quiet
- has a smaller form factor

This is why I originally planned a mini-itx system. I know it is a
subjective question, but what kind of (AMD / INTEL) CPU provides the
'sweet spot' for price vs. performance (vis. a vis. transcoding)?



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