[mythtv-users] A few minor issues

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Mon Aug 1 10:57:06 UTC 2005


This is a combination message, covering a few issues I have with various 
bits & bobs:

* In MythWeb, under the Music section, clicking on a track title returns 
me to the same page, with all images/stylesheets missing, and a funny 
URL which includes most of the path to the file in question. What is the 
correct behaviour, and how should I be achieving it?

* How does one convince the Music plugin to use 2.6-kernel IDE CD 
burning instead of needing 2.4-style ide-scsi? Messages in stdout seem 
to suggest cdrecord --scanbus is being used for finding devices, but 
Jorg Schilling's rabid opposition to $not_solaris means this returns 
junk information, if not suffixed with dev=/dev/cdrw. Is there a way to 
make MythMusic append the correct dev= argument when it tries to use 
scanbus? Is it likely to help? Are there better suggestions for fixing 
CD burning under 2.6 with Myth?

* mythtranscode appears not to run on my PC, which would explain the 
errors in my logs; It appears to detect the streams in a file correctly, 
then produces the following message:

  mythtranscode: mpeg2trans.cpp:668: bool 
MPEG2trans::process_video(AVPacket*, bool): Assertion `0' failed.

Has anyone else seen this before, and have any ideas what to do about it?

* MythVideo is using mplayer to open video files - however, these are 
always being opened BEHIND mythfrontend - I need to alt-tab to the video 
to interact with it. Is this a WM issue?

Thanks for any suggestion,

--Jo Shields

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