[mythtv-users] Archiving Shows to DVD

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Mon Aug 1 10:52:24 UTC 2005

On Mon, 1 Aug 2005, Monkey Pet wrote:

> I started on a project to develop a plugin that will do the simple
> task of burning shows to a DVD readable by any dvd player.  However,
> this will probably not be as advanced as nuvexport, mythburn, or
> anything else out there.  My goal is to make it integrated into myth
> as a plugin, easy to use and install so that wifey can use it.  I also
> want to get it done before my box runs out of disk space, hopefully, 2
> weeks.  Any inputs welcomed.
 	I realize that it's a bit premature, but might I suggest two types 
of DVD burning:  One that actually authors a standards-compliant DVD 
(difficult), and one that simply exports the .nuv and an .sql stub file 
onto a DVD that's easily played from within mythtv (easier).  I generally 
use nuvexport in that mode (NUV/SQL) to export/import recorded shows when 
I'm out of disk space.  Don't lose anything in the database that way.

Just a though...


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