[mythtv-users] YPrPb component out for MythTV

Dan Christian dac at x.cx
Mon Aug 1 00:49:28 EDT 2005

I have a 6600GT from BFG Tech (model 6600 GTOC).  It outputs component fine 

I do have a bug that the VGA text output on DVI (dual screen mode), has funny 
colors when I'm also using the component (cloned dual screen).  Text that 
should just be white on black is magenta in the middle.  Weird, but readable.  
X looks fine.

I can get 480p and 540p working fine.  1080i jitters up-down (like the 
interlace timing is wrong) on both DVI and component.  I can't test 720p on 
my HDTV.

I haven't been able to compensate for the overscan of the monitor at HDTV 
resolutions.  Nvidia has a control for this, but it doesn't seem to have any 
effect in the HDTV modes.  In text mode, the component output does correct 
for overscan but DVI doesn't.  It's always nice to see the line you are 
typing. :-)

If anyone has a working 1080i or a way to properly compensate for overscan, 
I'd love to hear it.


On Friday 29 July 2005 05:07 pm, David Sims wrote:
> I have an nvidia 6200 card by Leadtek with component output capability.
>   I have a problem getting video to play with the output set to 1080i.  
> The X server displays fine, but when any video is played with Myth,
> mplayer, xine, etc. the X server locks up.  I've seen postings from
> others with the same problem, but haven't seen any solutions.  I'm
> holding out hope that nvidia will one day release a driver that will
> fix the problem.
> I think I have seen a posting from someone claiming that their 6800GT
> card with component out works fine.

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