[mythtv-users] WAF Achieves a Positive Value !

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Fri Apr 29 13:23:14 UTC 2005

ya.. just wait.. last night i was in the dog house because of my WAF is 
at 110% so much she doesnt really watch "live" tv anymore..

well instead of "Joey" last night.. we got "bushie" and i was in trouble :)


>My better half has always had a subtle dislike for my interest in computers
>but displayed a wifely tolerance over the years, no doubt thinking there could
>be a lot worse things I could be interested in doing.
>My interest in mythtv over the past few months has been subject to the same
>spousal indifference...that is, until last night.
>Thursday is our TV night, first Survivor, followed by "The Apprentice".  But the
>presidents speech delayed Survivor by an hour, so it was aired at the same time
>as Apprentice.
>Thinking she would miss one of her shows, the wife reluctantly ask, "Can't you
>record Apprentice on that thing in your office ?"
>Here was my chance...I sank lower in my chair and with an air of superiority, 
>answered, "It's already being done". Then, after Survivor, I fired up
>the Hauppage
>Media MVP I had hidden in the TV cabinet, selected "The Apprentice" from my
>remote Myth box, and we enjoyed a fine episode of the Trump (sans commercials).
>After the show, she remarked, "Hey, that TV thing is pretty handy !"
>This was truly my moment of glory !  Thanks to all the fine MythTV
>developers and
>of course, Isaac, for giving me this brief, (and no doubt still rare) moment of 
>marital triumph !
>myth-0.16 on epia 10k/PVR 250/Mandrake 10.1
>Media MVP front end
>myth-0.18 on epia 10k/firewire High Def (development box)/Mandrake 10.1
>Intel 2.8G High Def front end/Mandrake 10.1
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