[mythtv-users] 169time and new Firewire capture ability

Kyle Rose krose+mythtv at krose.org
Thu Apr 28 10:51:27 UTC 2005

> I don't own the product, but from what I gather it's output does not
> implement any standard for transfer of video data.  It comes out in
> some proprietary format that needs to be transformed by another box. 
> He sells a PC running a special program for this purpose.  It all
> struck me as rather hokey and overpriced.

>From talking with them on the phone a few months ago, I got the
impression that they were just interested in milking as much money as
they can from foolish videophiles with too much money.  A quote from
P.T. Barnum comes to mind.

They have absolutely no interest in providing an open interface to their
modified boxes, and in fact they probably obscure the data on the
firewire output specifically to make it difficult to reverse engineer.
It's all rather ironic if you ask me. :P


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