[mythtv-users] First frontend only machine

Greg Mitchell greg at nodecam.com
Thu Apr 28 00:10:19 UTC 2005

> Probably won't be anything beyond 1.6, right? With the next XBox due
> to get talked about next month they probably won't continue to do much
> with the older design.

The 1.6b is what I wound up with - I don't know what the difference is, 
but when my softmod failed, I assumed that's what the problem was. 
There is a newer softmod than the one that I used though, so it's 
possible that 1.6b's are softmoddable.

> I went to Fry's today but they didn't have any XBoxs in stock!

I had to get the MechWarrior 2 bundle to get an XBox.  Kinda crazy, 
you'd think they'd have supply figured out by now.

> OK, I wanted to use Gentoo but I'll check Xebian out. Are you a Debian
> user in real life or did Xebian offer something specific in terms of
> doing the install? (Like everything from an XBox controller, etc?)

I use Gentoo on my backend server, so it seemed like a logical choice. 
I even went so far as to have Gentoox installed and started the "magic" 
step which didn't go so well.

Reading up on it, d 24 hour compile to get MythTV installed didn't 
appeal to me though (especially since people reported problems getting 
it to go,) and a 30 minute install with Xebian (from inserting the 
install disc to mythfrontend) is tough to beat.

I created a 1.5Gb rootfs on the gamesave partition which was easy to 
back up for when my 2 year old decides to turn off the xbox and the 
filesystem gets screwed up.  (Only happened once so far ;)  Note that 
this means that I didn't have to upgrade the hard drive or anything, and 
the XBox is fully functional as an XBox still.

If you want the full details of what I did, they're available at:


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