[mythtv-users] First frontend only machine

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 22:46:53 UTC 2005

On 4/27/05, kanetse at gmail.com <kane.tse at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for the info. I am assuming that if I go buy a box this
> > afternoon that I will get a 1.6 version so I was being just a bit
> > careful.
> >
> From what I've seen, it seems like 1.4's 1.5 and 1.6s are still
> available on store shelves.  However, since all versions (up to 1.6)
> are currently soft-moddable, it shouldn't be a problem.

Probably won't be anything beyond 1.6, right? With the next XBox due
to get talked about next month they probably won't continue to do much
with the older design.

I went to Fry's today but they didn't have any XBoxs in stock!
> > A few more questions if I might. Mouse and keyboard?? For simplicity
> > do they have to be M$ stuff? Looking at my kid's XBox I don't see
> > anything except controller ports on the front and Ethernet and video
> > on the back. I am assuming that the keyboard must plug into a
> > controller port?
> >
> I'll try to answer this in the order I see it:
> 1) I did not need a mouse and keyboard attached to my XBox.  Once I
> got Xebian installed, I did everything via SSH.

OK, I wanted to use Gentoo but I'll check Xebian out. Are you a Debian
user in real life or did Xebian offer something specific in terms of
doing the install? (Like everything from an XBox controller, etc?)
> 2) There are no Microsoft keyboards or mice *for the XBox*.  However,
> in order to control MythTV, you will need a DVD Remote.  I had a third
> party XBox DVD remote which I could not get to work; so I ended up
> buying the offical Microsoft DVD Dongle kit.

Cool. That seems to be about $25 or so? It has a little IR thingie
that goes in a controller port and then the remote, correct?

> 3) The 4 controller ports on the front of the XBox are actually just
> standard USB 1.1 ports with a different shaped connector and an extra
> wire.  You can find many sites on the 'net that have instructions on
> how to wire your own USB to XBox cable (or buy one).
> > In the end it might be nice to do no keyboard at the TV and just turn
> > on MythTV remotely from some other PC in the house. I.e. - COMMAND:
> > Show The Daily Show on TV #3 and the program pops up using the XBox
> > sitting at TV #3.
> >
> Generally remotely controlling the XBox from another PC can be done;
> but I have no idea how to do it.  I recommend you get a DVD IR Remote
> and control the MythTV frontend that way -- it is simpler for
> end-users to work with and works 'out of the box'.
This makes lots of sense. Thanks.

I'm reading about the Xebian stuff now. GentooX also I suppose.


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