[mythtv-users] First frontend only machine

Jonathan Link jonathan.link at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 01:11:51 UTC 2005

Don't forget...
I'm playing around with one now.

On 4/26/05, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   After setting up MythTV and recording overnight I'm ready to start
> looking more deeply into what I'll eventually be placing at multiple
> (4-5) locations in the house. I could use your inputs on what some of
> the most reasonable alternatives are:
> 1) XBox with mods
>   - What mods? Who's mod chip really is best?
>   - Purchase modified XBox ready to go?
>   - Software only mods for now? (no mod chip?)
> 2) Build some sort of small machine
>   - Prefer no fan
>   - Epia?
>   - I do not currently require DVD playback, etc., although it would
> be fun in the future.
>   Presumably there would be value in having a hardware mpeg decoder,
> or am I mistaken about this?
>   So, is there a really simple way for me to try out an XBox to see
> how it fits? I don't mind the $149 cost of the unit even if it turns
> out to not be what we want. Does anyone make a simple modified version
> for purchase that's ready to run Linux?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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