[mythtv-users] Mac Mini Frontend - HDTV Capable?

Nate Thompson nightstrm at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 17:08:57 UTC 2005

On 4/26/05, Robert Johnston <anaerin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/26/05, Matt Mousseau <matt at amsvans.com> wrote:
> > I wonder if that is a data delivery (from the HD) issue...ie, could a
> > data stream coming over gigbit ethernet be played? Now I'm worried again
> > :-/
> I doubt it, considering earlier in the test they used the same box to
> record a stream from a cable box over firewire and the CPU usage was
> around 8%.
> It's definately a decoding issue, but considering the Mac video
> drivers don't expose any kind of Hardware Accelleration on the video
> card, all the decoding's being done in CPU, which ain't got the guts
> to do it.
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> Robert "Anaerin" Johnston
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According to this thread on AVS Forum
there might be some progress in reverse-engineering the hardware
acceleration API. Based on the comments from posted from the
developer, with this program it should be no problem to play HD
streams off of a Mac Mini.

Now I might just have to pick me up one, but I'm going to wait and see
if they bump up the specs (video card) a little bit to allow all of
the new features of Tiger to be utilized.


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