[mythtv-users] No menu items in mythfrontend

Zole michael.zole at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 14:39:53 UTC 2005

Having kind of a strange problem, couldn't find any reference to it in
the list archives but maybe someone can help. Last night I upgraded
from nvidia-graphics6629 to nvidia-graphics7174 on ATrpms, and on the
next reboot, mythfrontend started with just the menu background image
-- no menu options, no other graphics, and no way to get rid of the
image (sudo pkill mythfrontend got rid of the process, but the image
stayed behind).

I switched to Window Maker last week, but didn't have any problems
until I upgraded the nvidia drivers. After I had this problem, I
upgraded a bunch of packages (including upgrading from MythTV 0.17 to
0.18) but nothing helped. Any ideas?


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