[mythtv-users] Myth Firewire Capture on Gentoo

Michael Haan michael.haan at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 18:31:25 UTC 2005

On 4/24/05, Greg Mitchell <greg at nodecam.com> wrote:
> Devan Lippman wrote:
> > I'm not a gentoo guy (I run from source) but simply installing the
> > firewire drivers allowed configure to detect the required libraries
> > and then enable firewire in myth.  I think the ones needed were
> > libavc1394-0.5.0, libraw1394-1.2.0, libiec61883, and of course the
> > linux kernel drivers for 1394.
> IIRC from when I initially installed my backend (0.17,) libiec61883 was
> the stumbling block.  The compilation failed when I had ieee1394 in my
> use flags.  I took it out of my default use flags, since I didn't really
> need it there.
> Subsequently that flag was removed from the ebuild.  I see that it's
> back in the 0.18 ebuild though, so maybe there's an ebuild for
> libiec61883 and I just don't see it.
> As always, ymmv :)
> Greg
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Yes, that seems to jive with what I remember.  So, if the flag is back
in the ebuild, then I just need to get and build libiec61883 -

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