[mythtv-users] mythmusic

Mike Curtis Mike.Curtis at glcweb.co.uk
Fri Apr 22 05:00:35 UTC 2005


I have come a long way in getting Myth up and running but there is one
seemingly simple component that I cannot get to work, ripping audio CD's

This is because I am not certain how it should work
Correct me if I am wrong but to my mind the sequence should be

Eject tray and load CD

Select import CD from menu, tray will then load CD

Quality defaults to low

But should the Artist, CD title, and genre be lifted from the CD on
loading or will that have to manually be entered?

Also, the number of tracks and lengths of lengths tracks are discovered
but should the track titles be determined by interrogating a web based
database, if so this is also not happening

Logs just say that 'there are no tracks on this CD but that's o.k' 

(All from memory as not at system at present)

Mike Curtis

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