[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend kills LIRCD process.

Preet Khalsa preet at ecbit.com
Wed Apr 20 14:36:41 UTC 2005

cythrault at gmail.com wrote:

>>On 4/20/05, Paul Manning <paul_manning22 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>I recently upgraded to a larger hardisk. I used ghost
>>>for linux to do a drive clone.  Ever since, my LIRC
>>>has stopped working on the machine.  Everything else
>>>works fine. It seems the lircd process is dying
>>>everytime the mythfrontend process fires up.  I can't
>>>find anything in the logs.  Any ideas?
>At the console (locally or remotely via ssh/telnet,) "killall lircd"
>then load "lircd -n &" and type "irw". If irw exits immediately and
>lircd terminates at the same time, check your syslog
>(/var/log/messages) for indications of your lirc is compiled to use
>I had this problem using the rpm for lirc on atrpms using lirc_serial.
>I went back to my cvs checkout of lirc because of it.
>My syslog said something about /dev/lirc not being present. Seemed
>like a problem with the modules…

Sounds like it might be udev thing too. If you are using atrpms, install 

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