[mythtv-users] VNC launches second mythfrontend

Scott Francis sfrancis353 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 16:15:22 UTC 2005

On 4/19/05, Allan Risk <arisk at hamster.foxhollow.ca> wrote:
> I've found that if I run vncserver that a second mythfrontend is running as
> shown by 'ps -A'.
> This second mythfrontend can be independently closed from the vnc client and
> the one on the console remains.
> The vnc session that appears on the remote client is otherwise different
> than the console session.
> Here's my theory.  If anyone has suggestions on how to avoid this it would
> be most welcome.
> I use Jarod's ~/.kde/Autostart/myth-load.sh, which among other things starts
> mythfrontend.
> Since vnc starts a new KDE session, I think this gets run again for the vnc
> session and therefore mythfrontend starts a second time.
> I would think this would be common as I suspect many people use both Jarod's
> script and vnc.
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> Al
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Yes this is exactly what will happen.  Easiest way around this is to
create a user just for VNC that is not mythtv.  It's very easy to then
su - into the mythtv userid.

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