[mythtv-users] Lockups when changing aspect ratio @ 1280x720

Greg Grotsky spikeygg at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 00:33:07 UTC 2005

I'm using a pcHDTV HD-3000 with CVS myth checked out about a week ago.
(using TS mode, cause PS mode doesn't work... :)

Whenever I'm watching a channel broadcast in 1280x720 and I attempt to
change the aspect ratio using the on-screen menu or the aspect ratio
button mythtv locks up.  By "locks up" I mean it stops accepting
input, the video continues playing and the audio sounds fine but I
can't ESC out, can't change channels, nothing.  I have to kill the
process from a command prompt.  While the show is paused I can change
the aspect ratio just fine with either method.

I have at least 9 channels that I can watch with resolutions
distributed like this:
704x480 - 3 channels
720x480 - 1 channel
1280x720 - 2 channels
1920x1080 - 1 channel
1920x1088 - 2 channels

All the channels work fine with the aspect ratio button / menu option
execpt for the two that are at the 1280x720 resolution.

Anyone have any ideas why this happens or a way to fix it?


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